March For Our Lives - Parkland

Saima Farooqui marched for the reformation of gun laws in regards to the mental health and background checks performed prior to buying firearms. She refuses to stand idly by as children are murdered due to the inaction of those who are supposed to protect them. She promised to her three children through a contract to elect lawmakers who support our children's safety over guns. #PPTK

Speaking at Women's March

Saima had spoken at the Women's March : Power to the Polls on January 21, 2018. Her mission was to encourage voting and to emphasize to the people that the vote, is their power, and their voice to politicians about what they want.

Impeachment March

Saima had marched to Mar-a-Lago on January 20, 2018. This was a direct response to blatantly un-Constitutional behavior from the president the moment following his inauguration. The mission for this march was to encourage people to stand up to Donald Trump's obvious violation of the constitution such as Emoluments Clause, obstruction of justice, breach of public trust and more.

Resolutions Committee

FDP State Conference

The Florida Democratic Party appointed Saima to serve at the Resolutions Committee in the State Conference for the year 2017 in Orlando. The goal of the Resolutions Committee was to create a formal values statement that would help the party guide itself in its legislative, political, and community work. Her points established and reinforced the importance of legislature regarding anti-discrimination and anti-bullying in public schools.