Saima Farooqui's Agenda:

« Affordable Education

Saima believes that the root of everything that one can accomplish in life begins in the classroom. She wants to benefit college students and help to make having a bright future more affordable. She also aims to provide alternatives to standardized testing and exchange it with other methods that are better suited for the advancement and assessment of students. She wants to lessen the burden of both students and teachers alike.

« Create More STEM Jobs

By encouraging legislature that will support the growth of job opportunities, Saima intends to assist in generating more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics jobs. She wants to create more jobs, and these are the fundamentals that her goal for economic growth is built upon.

« Fair Wages and Economic Growth

Saima knows the struggles that blue collar workers face in regards to the unfair wages they are given despite their hard work. She intends to support legislature that will properly assess the needs of workers and allocate the appropriate wages to them.

« Accessible Healthcare

It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to be a healthy individual. Saima Farooqui wants to make accessing healthcare a simpler endeavor, one that isn't going to overlook mental health as well as physical health. She intends to help make Florida a healthier state.

« Veterans and Senior Citizens’ Care

Saima's beliefs that veterans and senior citizens should have proper care comes from the experience she developed when caring for her sick parents in their time of need. She holds in her heart that senior citizens and veterans need to have the right care at the right times. Veterans risk their lives to assist and aide the United States, so they should be given the care that they deserve.

« Common Sense Gun Control

Guns and nonsensical gun laws are continuing to claim the lives of so many innocent citizens in schools, neighborhoods, and communities. As State House Representative, Saima will help implement gun laws that will protect members of our communities while still protecting rights set forth by the Second Amendment such as mental health and background checks.

« Anti-Discrimination Policies

Coming from a diverse background and first-handedly seeing and experiencing the discrimination that so many others face on a daily basis, Saima wants to be a State House Representative that will fight for the rights and liberties of those who would otherwise be oppressed. She wants to continue the hard work and tireless efforts of those who came before her in their fight against discrimination.

« Environment Protection by Using Renewable Resources

Florida is one of those lucky states in the U.S. that has so many naturally occurring wonders such as the Everglades and our beaches and reefs. She wants to ensure that those natural landmarks and the wildlife that inhabit them are kept clean and healthy. As State House Representative, she would support legislature that protects the environment and finds renewable ways of living that keep the citizens of Florida from having to slow down their day to day activities.

« Women's Equality Rights

Saima Farooqui wants to usher in a new era of women's equality in which women will have the unalienable right to choose what happens to their own bodies. She wants to continue to support women in their endeavor to be regarded as only human and nothing less.