Saima is a working class mother with a strong background in technology and a passion for civil rights. Saima tirelessly balances her roles as a mother, professional and civil rights activist, because her motivation comes from within. She knows how it affects individuals when community concerns and issues are not addressed, not acknowledged, or even minimized. Integrity, transparency, and passion are key qualities that Saima brings to the table as a delegate. As the Vice President of the Coconut Creek Democratic Club, Board Member of the Broward Democratic Environmental Caucus, and Secretary of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus of Florida, Saima is no stranger to large projects, complex issues, and how people and organizations come together and work towards achieving positive results.

Saima would be honored to take on the responsibilities of Florida State House Representitive, because she knows that the people are supposed to run the government, not the other way around. She is committed to serving openly and transparently, providing an efficient interface for citizens to address current issues. With current world and local events constantly in the media, on our minds, and in our lives, people are more motivated than ever to participate in local elections.

Our lives are all different, we all have our own concerns and ideas. At times, it may seem like we are all going in different directions. Just as we are made of billions of cells all playing different roles, we too must come together from all paths and directions to achieve our common goals. This doesn't happen by standing by and letting things be; it happens by taking action, pushing forward, and embracing change. Every so often, the opportunity for advancement presents itself, and once again, that time is now! Defend your constitutionally protected rights, because no one else can do it for you! Elect change, transparency, and democracy. Elect Saima for Florida State House Representative, District 96!